Company Concept

Belleza offers a comprehensive line of treatment products for professional and retail use. Designed to address skin conditions, the products offer simple and straight forward solutions for thorough, successful retail shops, salons and home treatments.

Almost every Asian people in beauty industry is knowing that the Asian countries (HK / Taiwan / China / Korea, etc.) follow the trend of Japan, they found that any decent products labelled "Made in Japan" often have a greater acceptance in those countries. This inspires them of making their own brand in Japan and ship it to their countries for sell.

We produce quality private label skin care products for many years in the country.

We have the expertise and complete resources to bring your ideas from concept to completion. We also offer a wide range of skin care products in many different styles, all ready for you to create your own brand name line.

Our Mission

On the basis of the achievements, Belleza Co., Ltd. now seeks to leap forward to become a leading company so as to provide the highest level of services and merchandise to customers and thus to fulfill more meaningful contribution to mutual relation.

In the upcoming unlimited competition, Belleza Co., Ltd. is currently expanding our business territory to the whole world. We believe that our continuous development in our major field of business and the related products will determine the bright future of Belleza Co., Ltd.

Based on our skillful experience, Belleza Co., Ltd. Would endeavors for global management to achieve our dream. In addition to the business success, Belleza will always take honesty as its best policy and entrepreneurial philosophy. We strongly believe that Belleza Co., Ltd's traditional pioneering spirit has brought us today's success and we will continue to adhere to our foundation philosophy.

By reinforcing ingenious business, Belleza Co., Ltd. Will expand the network channels through overseas market and establish a flexible management system to enhance its global competitiveness. The company will also do its best to fulfill customers' needs and expectations with creation and renovation.

Services Overview

Provides total OEM/ODM system from formula to products and brand development. You can save time and expense, but moreover, you can lead the market with best quality products and the trustworthy partner and supportive strategy.

  • - OEM Apply your brand and design .
  • - ODM Inquire us development of your products.
  • - OGM Original Global Management.
  • - OBM Original Brand Manufacturing.

Contact Us

Belleza Co., Ltd is pleased to receive your queries, please contact to the following details.

Address: 513-1 Kimori,Onga-machi,
Onga-Gun,Fukuoka,Japan 811-4313
Telephone: +81-93-293-8856
FAX: +81-93-293-8568

Pretty Master

Pretty Master is an associated company of Belleza marketing variety of beauty related products.

Address:Belleza Bldg., 1F, 1-13-1 Ohura, Yahata-nishiku, Kitakyushu-shi,
Fukuoka,Japan 807-0874
Telephone: +81-93-293-8587
FAX: +81-93-293-8568