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Almost every Asian people in beauty industry is knowing that the Asian countries (HK / Taiwan / China / Korea, etc.) follow the trend of Japan, they found that any decent products labelled "Made in Japan" often have a greater acceptance in those countries. This inspires them of making their own brand in Japan and ship it to their countries for sell.

Youthful Dreams! Honest Actions!
Since its foundation, Belleza Co., Ltd. has been operating with the objectives of resourceful but honest management. This spirit has enabled Belleza to operate under distinguished management.

Belleza Co., Ltd. aims to realize passion and trust in marketing.
Our management policy pursues integrity, diligence and professionalism to constantly provide our customers with quality service. We think highly of actions instead of words and strive to excel in the market with advanced technology, passion and trust.

The products of Belleza Co., Ltd. have our soul in them.
We produce soulful products that attract customer's choice with expectation. Our executives and staff members value our customer's needs- innovative but safe products. All our executives and staff members are making their best efforts to satisfy our customers.

R&D of Belleza Co., Ltd. is striving to reach the top of basic science for cosmetics.
Belleza is always fully supporting its R&D to produce innovative products. Our researchers are focusing on basic science to develop better raw material as well.

Belleza Co., Ltd. has gained high acknowledgement from domestic and foreign market in product quality and technology.
Belleza Co., Ltd. takes pride itself in excellent quality control, and have exported our products to many countries with favorable reviews. Our executives and staff members will continue to do our best to take a leap to be the leading cosmetic company in the world.

One stop full personalized service


It is a great deal of complexity and processes to create and launch your own brand especially in cosmetics business as the complexity goes with designing formula, developing the brand concept, selecting the right R&D and manufacturer, designing the package, and so many other factors while considering the limited budget.

As we are professional cosmetics designers as well as developers, we fully understand your needs and requirements, Only with the idea of business, we provide you with non-stop service from A to Z.

We can guarantee our best commitment at the finest service because we understand that your success is our key business.

Services Overview

Provides total OEM/ODM system from formula to products and brand development. You can save time and expense, but moreover, you can lead the market with best quality products and the trustworthy partner and supportive strategy.

  • - OEM Apply your brand and design .
  • - ODM Inquire us development of your products.
  • - OGM Original Global Management.
  • - OBM Original Brand Manufacturing.

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Belleza Co., Ltd is pleased to receive your queries, please contact to the following details.

Address: 513-1 Kimori,Onga-machi,
Onga-Gun,Fukuoka,Japan 811-4313
Telephone: +81-93-293-8856
FAX: +81-93-293-8568
E-mail: info@belleza.co.jp

Pretty Master

Pretty Master is an associated company of Belleza marketing variety of beauty related products.

Address:Belleza Bldg., 1F, 1-13-1 Ohura, Yahata-nishiku, Kitakyushu-shi,
Fukuoka,Japan 807-0874
Telephone: +81-93-293-8587
FAX: +81-93-293-8568
E-mail: info@prettymaster.co.jp